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Making Women Centred Working Work for You

There are steps that everyone who designs and delivers services for vulnerable women can take to make those services more effective.

These are steps we suggest you take to help women move forward with their lives.

Policy makers in Government

  • Have a cross government Women’s Plan.
  • Identify women’s champions across departments.
  • Develop policies to support cost effective local, women centred solutions.
  • Convene cross departmental and cross issue All Party Parliamentary Groups. Focus on the economic and social justice case for integrated approaches for women in relation to the multiple issues they face.


  • Identify needs by consulting with women themselves and specialist organisations and via a strategic needs assessment.
  • Work with other commissioners on an integrated approach to women and families with multiple disadvantage. This could include a women’s strategy developed across commissioning bodies.
  • Promote joint commissioning frameworks for women specific services.
  • Ensure that payment by results (PBR) schemes and outcome measures are meaningful for women with complex needs.


  • Retain or develop a priority to fund programmes and projects that support women and girls with complex needs.
  • Protect funding for women centred services.
  • Support women centred working for both its effective outcomes and its potential to unlock systems change locally and nationally.

Service providers

  • Embrace the principles of women centred working.
  • Initiate, lead or support activities to promote better outcomes for women and girls.
  • Consider pooled funding for service provision.
  • Look at co-location of services to support holistic case work and joint working. Embed women centred working in recruitment, training, supervision and policy.
  • Develop a safe, empowering and trauma informed environment.

Local public sector leaders


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  • Develop a Strategy for Women and Girls with Vulnerabilities. Involve women in its creation.
  • Champion women centred working as part of community budgets and place-based working.
  • Work with other public sector leaders to develop an integrated approach through co-commissioning.

Service users

  • Have courage to accept and respect yourself.
  • Face the fear and pain in your lives.
  • Trust and build connections with people who may help you to have a better life.
  • Know and work towards what you want in life.
  • Recognise how strong and resilient you really are.
  • Learn new ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Feel hopeful for the future.

What we can do for you

We are here to share information on women centred approaches. We can help you design and deliver services for women with multiple needs. More online and printed resources will be available soon to support this. This will include a toolkit and targeted information. We are also happy to talk to you about ways in which women centred solutions can help your service or organisation move forward.

For more information or advice on Women Centred Working, please contact Clare Jones. Email: clare.jones@womencentre.org.uk

Women Centred Working is a project of WomenCentre, registered charity no 1118366, company number 6084795